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Reinstatement Depth Gauge

Our reinstatement depth gauge is machined from tough PE laminated in 2 colours, a yellow face with a blue core and stepped as well as engraved to SROH reinstatement depths.

We can extend the length of the gauge and add any further dimensions you may require. All our gauges are bespoke and can be engraved with company name and logo.



Tough & Hard wearing

Easily cleaned

Easily photographed

Temporary Gulley Cover

Our temporary gulley cover is designed to cover gulley’s whilst work is carried out nearby. In covering the gulley this prevents contamination and site spoil entering the drain and ultimately the water course. Simply remove the cover by loosening the centre nut with a 13mm socket, quarter turn the handle and the lift clear.

Easily fitted and designed to lock under the existing grate. A sponge rubber seal allows a good seal around the gulley but does not offer a 100% seal thus allowing water to enter the drain.



No more expensive cleaning of the drains due to debris or site spoil.

Easy to use & is hard wearing.

Highway Defect Gauge

Our highway/footpath defect gauge is designed to measure any defects in roads and footpaths. Extendable to 3 metres, it can also be used at 1 metre and 2 metre lengths.



Easy to use with clear markings and CNC machines plastic (Acetal) and aluminium components.

All components come packed in a tough padded carry case with individual pockets for each component and assembly drawing.

Easily photographs

Measures crown or depression through reinstatement or natural sinkage.

Utility Markers & Templates

Our utility markers and templates are designed so utilities can be easily identified. The symbols are machined within the template which allows consistent and neat marking.



No more excavating oversize trenches thus saving money on reinstatement.

We can manufacture to almost any size and to customers specific requirements.

The slots within the larger templates are a guide to allow maximum excavation dig.

Pipe Splitters

Our pipe splitter was designed with safety in mind. Manufactured from Acetal and incorporating and enclosed blade, simply insert the water or gas pipe and pull the splitter back. This takes a sliver of pipe making it easier to feed around bends when replacing pipework.



Available for 20mm and 25mm diameter pipe.



Clear Polycarbonated Cable Protector

The Polycarbonate cable protector has been designed specifically for protecting utilities from flying debris whilst working in an excavation. it has clear markings and text to signify its purpose as well as appearance for health and safety and is robust in many conditions.



Light weight and easy to carry

Fully transparent

Virbrant edge markings to indicate its caution.

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