Site Tidy Container

Keeping a site tidy and free from trip hazards can be difficult at times. The Site Tidy Container is used for fittings and hand tools, cones, traffic management and pipe fitting materials. Simple to assemble and fold away.





Barrier Bins

As a solution to customer complaints of waste being on site the barrier bin simply attaches to barriers and fencing systems allowing site operatives with designated points for waste collection and disposal.




Private Works Protection

This glow in the dark ground cover provides a walkway for both customers and operatives. Working in private ground the units can be used to store excavated materials, provide a clean and safe walkway and prevents damage.







Excavation Templates

Reducing customer impact means being accurate and excavating only the necessary ground to repair or replace the utility being worked on. Using the excavation template reduces a Utilities site impact.







As with all modern Construction / Utility companies Customers and their welfare is of the highest priority when entering and exiting works areas.


EPS understand these issues and try and work with each individual client to design how they are looking to reduce and or eliminate their site impact altogether.


The products we have designed within this range  are to  keep the site clean, reduce trip hazards and excavated spoil away from walkways, and protect areas around works.


We work in an industry that is disruptive to customers, residents and asset owners. Most people are understanding that works need to be undertaken to maintain services. Doing the small things on site let Customer know your company cares for their community and takes into consideration how to keep people safe when working in their area.



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