Kneeling Pads

Designed to reduce repetitive injuries, the EPS kneeling Pad has been developed for the Utility sector being more robust than other similar products on the market.





Temporary Manhole Cover

This cover enables remedial work to be undertaken until manhole chamber frames and lids are ready to be installed. The Temporary Manhole Cover prevents major injuries and materials dropping into open chambers.




Marker Stencil

The Marker Stencil works to reduce volumes of paints being sprayed onto wearing courses. Used in conjunction with CAT and GENNY the marker stencil provides clear location of utilities to the operative before breaking ground.






Safety and Environment


All products across our range of  take into account reducing risk and Environmental impact.


Working with our clients we look at current working practices and how we can reduce stress on joints and muscles.


All product come with dedicated lifting points and are clearly marked as one person or a two-person lift.


With most of our products Safety and Environmental come together. Marking sites ready for excavating has an inherent danger and must provide the operative with as much information as possible, however what paints are used and in what volumes can be controlled using dedicated symbol and stencils.




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