Tarmac Gauge

Updated to meet current standards of compliance the Tarmac Gauge ensures reinstatements are within tolerance and that ground movement has not crowned or sunk. Used across Councils and Utilities the units have there own carry case.



Road Plate Caps and Bolts

For larger excavations that require road plates to be employed these caps and bolts are designed as a temporary fixing solution that have been used within Construction and the Utility industry for many years. Simple to install and reusable.



Urban Ground Protection

Urban Ground Protection Boards allow site excavation to be stored for collection and prevents scarring and scuffing of walkways and carriageways. The board is designed to take away issue of damage or discolouration in work areas.





Spoil Blocker

EPS understand the problem in working in footpaths and walkways and maximising the space available. The Spoil Blocker retains excavation materials from spilling into walkways causing potential hazards to members of the public.






All  EPS Streetworks products listed are off the shelf items.

Logos can be added to most items to clearly show the owner of these products.


As we understand that procedures and sometimes policies change we can work with you to ensure compliance under Streetworks standards or improvements to field procedures and legislation.


Most of our Streetworks products are manufactured from recycled materials and can be recycled once it comes to the end of its working life.


Made to be robust our product range has been designed and developed to withstand the riggers of a modern Utility / Construction industry


Manufactured from Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Nylons each part of Streetworks product range have been used throughout the industry for many years


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