Reinstatement Gauge

Not reinstating correctly can be costly. Underfill and there will be charges for reworks, overfilling a wearing course may come from a company’s bottom line. The Reinstatement Gauge ensures you are always in compliance with SROH.




Gully Seal

When working in wet conditions excavation spoil can block drains, gullies and water courses. The Gully Seal stops mud and clay entering and potentially blocking surface water drains.




Cable / Utility Protection

Damage to third party equipment when excavation can lead to customer complaints and is a major cost to the Utility industry. The Utility Protector is manufactured from clear Polycarbonate making this unit very strong and durable.






Excavation Depth Gauge

The Excavation Depth Gauge give operatives the opportunity to continually assess the depth of an excavation they are working in and know when temporary shuttering is required for their safety.







Most of the products in our Operations range have been developed as a need within the Utility sector.


When designing a new product EPS engage with the teams that will eventually use these products on site.


Listening to the needs of  staff and operative ensures that all new developments will be used for their intended purposes and not left in vehicles.


As well as site safety and compliance we also look at initiatives that help with site housekeeping and Customer impact.


EPS understand that working in urban, restricted spaces has it challenges and we take this into account when designing a new range of products.


We look as simple solutions to any problem first and what can be quickly implemented without disruption to productivity.



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